Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Patiently Waiting

Colton being artistic! 
This is a behind the scenes of the shoot! Beachwear and Accessories can you spot the price tags! 
Colton said "Look it's all by it's self!" so cute!!! 
The iconic seaside tower.
These lovely ladies were a pleasure to work with as usual!
Isabella (on the right) was the photographer that day and Brenna (on the left) and I modeled for her.
What I'm wearing.
 My handsome man's white shirt and a necklace I bought two years ago at T.J.MAXX.
The denim shorts are some that I cut off myself. 
 All of these pictures took place in seaside Fl. on 30A.

This is a mashup blog post an OOTD a behind the scenes and a few shots of the scenery!
While it's raining buckets today yesterday the weather was perfect at the beach!
I was asked to help with a photo shoot for a surf shop in seaside called O.N.O.
Of course I brought my brother along with me (who was so sweet and patient) to take pictures! 
He guarded the merchandise we were modeling when we weren't using it,
Held up a reflector when we needed more light AND took all of these beautiful pictures while he was waiting!
 People always ask me who takes my pictures for me and most of the time it's colton!
The girls at the shoot were so surprised when we told them! ;)
Now you know if you were ever wondering!

Piper Arielle

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