Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dirt On Our Faces And Deliriously Happy

 How many people can say that they had a dance/sod laying party?! 

Many hands make the load light, in our case the load was still pretty heavy but MUCH lighter than it would have been!
Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my oldest sister Megan, she and her husband are building a new house and the sod just came in and needed to be laid before we had anymore rain!
I talked our two brothers into going and I'm so glad that we all went together!

Yes we were tired and yes we all have several battle scars from the ants that made the sod their home but we had so much fun all the while it didn't hardly phase us.
We danced like crazy people and sang along loudly to 80's music like, I need a hero and open arms!
No one got upset and no one was seriously injured (I did cut myself closing a plastic Mr.Pibb bottle, hence the band-aid in the bottom picture, who does that?!) just a good old happy time!

We are all a little bit crazy and when you accept it you are going to be happier than you were before.
If you think about it there are very few "Normal people" in this world so doesn't that in itself make them abnormal? 
Food for thought I will leave you with! 

ps yes Megan I know you are going to kill me for this but it was just too perfect! 
I love you!!!

Piper Arielle   

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