Monday, March 31, 2014


Here's a little collection of pictures that I just never got around to posting at the time!
Enjoy some behind the scenes and little introductions, you know the usual disorganized mess that you have come to know as my blog! ;)

A look at the photo shoot from a month ago!
 The beautiful Peruvian babe Isabella getting prepped for the day's shoot!
 Brenna concentrating on her makeup application like a boss!
 Just a few adjustments to the hair.
 Ta-Da Isa is all ready to go!
 Happy faces all around!
 Jess (The Amazing photographer) getting the hair out of my face!
 Isabella shot these behind the scenes photos while I was pretending to be a fairy princess! ;) 
 And if you were ever curious about what we look like in the moment... here you go!
Jess with her camera baby and Brenna with her cell phone instagraming the whole affair! 

This is all from a previous photo shoot that took two days out of our schedules to do.
If you follow my instagram or any of these ladies' then you might have seen the results of this photo shoot, we did a little bit of levitating! ;)


 This handsome devil is my very talented, very funny and very tall friend Aven!
 He is a budding filmmaker/actor and someone you will want to keep your eye on!
 I got to eat lunch and catch up with him at the super classy and delicious Waffle House while he was back in town.
And then take these awesome pictures of him and his trusty cow dog Jake.
Seriously one of the coolest guys I know. 
Check out snipPITTS for some of his amazing work! :)
You won't be disappointed! 

And here are some random pictures I took that just make me happy!
 Always check your water hose before you attach it, you never know who is making camp inside.
(For those probably thinking "Piper has a man thumb" it's my dad's, he found this cute little guy.)
 Savannah, one of our family friends, giving Colton a mud mask.

"It's not a race; it's a journey.
Enjoy the moment."
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

I try to stay pretty consistent about posting on here but due to some technical difficulties, vacation and a busier schedule than usual I have been a poor blogger!
Thank you for staying with me and coming back for more!

Piper Arielle
Photos by:Isabella(6,7&8) and Piper(the rest)

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