Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life Layered in Sparkle and a GIVEAWAY

 Here it is folks!
The Blogpost you have all been waiting for! 
It's GIVEAWAY time!!!!!
All you have to do is Like and Share this blogpost on Facebook!
(My user name is Piper Arielle Williams.)
You could win a stunning pair of Lemon Zest SORRELLI EARRINGS if you do!!! 
This Contest is limited to the United states (sorry) but if you are not in the U.S. and you want to share the post, by all means do! ^^ 

**Attention Locals**
Don't forget about the event coming up just in time for mothers day at The Bead Garden of Bonifay.
Like them on Facebook if you haven't already!
The dates will be April the 25th and 26th!
(Mark your calendars!!!)
The event is themed Spring Fever and everything Sorrelli will be on sale!!!
Including these stunning pieces we are wearing in these pictures!!!
There will also be multiple gift certificates given away up to $50 and $10 bling bucks to first come first serve customers at the event!   
I hope to see you there!

You might recognize the two lovely ladies you see pictured above from the Ollie Mae's blogpost I did in december!
Well I asked if they wanted to be draped in dazzling jewels and have their picture taken?
To my utter surprise they said yes! ;) #Sarcasm
To those girls Thank you so much you are so sweet and I always enjoy working with you!!!

Stay tuned because as always there will be more to come! 
I included two pictures from an upcoming blogpost! 
Piper Arielle

Photos by: Colton and Piper

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