Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Like the "Paparazzi" picture complete with (Gasp) an Engagement ring?!
Yes, I am a nerd. No, I'm not engaged! ;P

So if you guys haven't already guessed it, these stunning earrings are Sorrelli!!!
That's right I'm still Obsessed in a BIG way...
Like the size of these earrings big! ;)

I was inspired to create this fusion new hollywood/old hollywood look to compliment them!
I kept the outfit itself very simple with the staple jeans and white t-shirt.
To add a bit of glamour and mystery I slung this vintage blush beaded coat over my shoulders. 
(Very Zsa Zsa in my opinion.)

Don't forget that the Sorrelli event at The Bead Garden starts in 9 days from the posting of this blog!!!
Mark your calendar and tell all of your family and friends!!!
There will be prize drawings for those in attendance and you won't want to miss these crazy deals!!!
It's happening April 25th and 26th.
This event is just in time for Mother's Day so keep your eye out for that perfect something for the woman who brought you in to this world!
Guys you have to find something for your mothers too and Ahem the woman who brought your children into this world!!!
It's a day once a year that celebrates women, the life they give and the sacrifices that they make!
Need I say more???!!!!
I didn't think so!!!

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Colton

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