Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fields of Sunshine

Photos from another SassySisterVintage photo shoot!
It's always a fun little adventure when we go outside of SassySisterVintage headquarters for a photo shoot!
You never know what we are going to happen upon.
Like this lovely patch full of different kinds of clover.
And what do I do when I see a beautiful field of flowers?
I take my shoes off and roll around in it! ;)
These colors just make me happy!
They remind me that spring is here and Easter is literally just around the corner!!!
Which reminds me!
Happy Easter everyone!!!

The clothes in all of these pictures are from SassySisterVintage click the link to go to her online shop!
The earrings are a new pair I just got from Ollie Mae's Boutique the link I provided will take you to their Facebook page!
Both places are worth taking a peek!
Of course the boots are my tried and true Justin's that I've had for years you can find similar pairs at any western wear shop!

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Kim and Piper(moi)

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