Saturday, March 1, 2014


 Meet my new friend Jennifer.
We are kind of the same person and it's crazy!
We knew each other a little bit but since my favorite social media app(instagram) we have gotten to know each other a lot more!
We actually decided we were going to do this shoot over instagram! ^^
Jennifer is a fantastic makeup artist based in Pensacola, Fl. and has been working at it for years now!

Okay so you know how I was saying we are kind of the same person?
Well here is a small list of things we have in common that we discovered in like, 15 minutes.
1. She and I are 1/4 Asian
2. Both of us are Scorpios
3. We are 5' 3"
4. Horses on the Chinese zodiac
5. Self proclaimed nerds
6. Randomly start singing songs when we feel the situation calls for it
7. Love vintage
8. Know that we are both secretly mermaids

If that isn't a crazy amount of similarities then I don't what is!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little photo shoot we put together!
For more of the gorgeous Jen you can follow her instagram feed saintjjune seriously it's like my favorite! ^^

Piper Arielle

Jen brought the outfits did her hair and makeup while I styled the set photographed and brought the hair accessories!

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