Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Grand Central Station

 Kim's luggage collection that we stacked and used as the background.  
Meet Azurea, an aspiring model and my newest friend! 
 Wedding dresses!!!

Uptown Girl. 

 These were our favorite outfits, Kim put these together with the great Ralph Lauren as her inspiration!
Next thing you know we will be riding polo ponies in the next shoot (I would not object)!

 That round purse now belongs to my mom, It was too cute to pass up, I'll probably be borrowing it sooner or later!

 In true behind the scenes fashion here is a shot of the photographer/shop owner doing her thing!
 Crazy story time!
My cousin Sidney wore this dress to a school formal but Kim bought it from someone else over a hundred miles away, it really is a small world!

 This was another favorite, I felt like I should be working an old carnival telling fortunes!

 A close up because I love the detail!
I hope you enjoyed the little behind the scenes of this photo shoot with sassysistervintage!
You can shop these items and many more Here.
It was so nice meeting Azurea and working with her as well!

If you are a lover of vintage and all things with a history then you have probably been drooling over these old suitcases and trunks!
Yes, all of them belong to kim, the three of us stacked and arranged the pile you see behind me.
Isn't it glorious?
It makes me feel like we took these in front of the lost and found luggage of grand central station in the 1950's!
Oh to see what these old suitcases have seen and to be where they have been.

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Kim(any of me) and myself(any i'm not in)
obviously! ;) 

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  1. Very nice outfits. Loved the backdrops. Funny, tell Kim that Suzanne has that same cow hide rug! You girls are gorgeous and so professional.