Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Bronze Crab

 "Look what I can do!"
 My Grandmother loves the sea and all of the little creatures in it. (Which is funny because she can't swim)
 So for Christmas this year I thought about buying her a beautiful crab print that I saw and loved! 
 Then I thought to myself, "Why don't I take a crack at it?!"
I've been painting little things here and there lately but this has been my most intricate painting so far! 
I'm glad that I decided to try! 
 I used an old dictionary page for my "canvas" and two different shades of bronze paint.
I also looked at different kinds of crabs but this one looks the most like a stone crab!
If I ever paint a Blue crab it will have to be in color to do it justice!
 So far this crab has been my favorite and most detailed painting that I've done so far!
I'm by no means a professional but I enjoy doing it and giving these as very special yet inexpensive gifts! 
 Tis the season for baking!!!
 I made brownies but took them to a church event without taking pictures of the finished product!
They were delicious!!!
 This evening at twilight everything had a pink glow!
I guess I have to admit that the best painter who ever was and ever will be is our Heavenly Father.
I hope everyone is enjoying all of the festivities of this time of year!!!

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Piper (Moi)

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