Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Center Part

 One of yesterday's sets for the SassySisterVintage photo shoot.
 These dresses were all so amazing and I loved every aspect of this shoot!
 The cowhide is the same one we used in the Down The Rabbit Hole shoot!
 The boots and rings are mine but the dress can be found on etsy in SassySisterVintage's shop!
 So this dress was actually my favorite! 
 It reminds me of Mongolia, especially next to the animal hide and mixed textiles.
 The center part was Kim's doing, I always feel self conscious with a center part, I feel like it makes my face look funny!
I know it's actually quite silly of me to think so in depth about a simple hair parting!
But in the end it wasn't that bad and I will probably part it down the middle a little bit more in the future!
 This hat was awesome I loved the texture and color! 
 How the hat is probably supposed to be worn!
 The turquoise ring I bought on one of my trips to Manhattan and the purple jade ring is from my mom. 
 The shrug and dress will be available in the SassySisterVintage shop as well!
Also I know my calves look ginormous but in actuality they are not nearly as fierce as they appear! 
 The dress is 1940's and fabulous!

All of the amazing set styling that you see is done by Kim and myself! 
A lot of times she tells me what she wants and I help her move it! ;)
But since we do these photo shoots in her home we always use things that she already has!
This green chair is a new addition that she has added and I am in love!
Things just aren't made the way that they used to be!
Buy Vintage for life!!!
Click on SassySisterVintage to go to Kim's online vintage shop! 

I hope you enjoyed stopping by and going with me to another photo shoot!
Maybe next time I with take progressive pictures of how we style the shoot in case some of you want some home decor inspiration!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Kim

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