Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ollie Mae's

 So if you have been following the blog for a little while now you may know that there is a sweet local boutique that I dote on tremendously!
 Today is the day I have the privilege of showing you the cutest little boutique in the sweetest and possibly slowest of towns, Bonifay, Florida.
 I mean, just look at their precious guest book!
They opened their doors in May of 2012 and have been going strong ever since! 
 Ollie Mae's is located in a section of a local hardware store that has been a part of the community for 60 + years and has been owned and operated by the same family all of that time!
Meet Jacqueline and Chelsey.
Jacqueline is the granddaughter of the man who owns and operates the hardware store.
She is also one of the three owners of Ollie Mae's Boutique the other two are her mother (Tammy) and her Grandmother (Myra).
Three generations of Girl Power!
 Did I say three?
I mean four! Ollie Mae's is named after Jacqueline's Great Grandmother Ollie Mae.
You can see pictures of her as well as other lovely family members scattered throughout the boutique!
 Jacqueline says that her love of clothing and all things fashion made her dream of one day owning a boutique.
What fashion conscious girl hasn't played with the idea?
Well this sweet small town girl is making her dreams come true everyday!
Her favorite part you ask?
Being able to select the clothes and pieces that are exactly what someone was looking for!
Be it for a special event or just something to wear on a girls night, one would have to drive at least 45 minutes to go shopping for something cute enough!
Now it's so much closer to home and the stuff is really cute with reasonable prices!
Need I say more?
The girl is pretty fabulous!
Ollie Mae's carries Miss Me Jeans, Vintage Chanel button jewelry, Mahlon Grace as well as Esley Collection.
A touch of Vintage everywhere, the vanity this sits on is Jacqueline's from when she was a little girl.
A trunk belonging to another Great Grandmother.
This is one of the boutiques that carries Mia Luna bracelets!
Jacqueline plans to one day expand the business,relocate to a larger location and always keep the customers need fulfilled.  
Chelsey is the one and only employee at Ollie Mae's!
She pretty much does it all from modeling all of the new arrivals to steaming and pricing the clothes!
 A better view of the Vanity and a picture of Tammy(Co owner) from one of her high school formals! 
 How fabulous is that sofa?!
 A tree decorated with earrings?
Yes, please!!!
 Jacqueline and Chelsey have known each other since Jacqueline took dance lessons from Chelsey's Mother at an early age and  attended high school with Chelsey's older brother.
"Chelsey has always held a special place in my heart. I call her my best friend today!"
How cute are they?
Thank you for taking a minute to meet the Ollie Mae girls with me as well as getting acquainted with the shop!

 "We are so blessed to have such wonderful customers who have become like family to us. If it wasn't for them, Ollie Mae's wouldn't be here today."

Shopping locally is such a simple and wonderful thing to do!
It was recently shop local Saturday and I hope that we all shop locally, not only on that Saturday but whenever possible!
Long live small business!!!

Piper Areielle

Photos by:Piper (Moi)

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  1. Do you have any of the shirts like in the picture here that is tan or black in a different color? I have seen them in bright pink online but haven't been able to find them in a store.