Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shark Fishing

 Our hostess Jess showing her excitement for the night's events!!!
 Starting with oysters right out of the shell!
 The mother load was under there! 
 Yes I ate one too! ;)
 Trying to show you how gross it looked but all you can see is the grossness that is my facial expression! 
 I love this girl and she always has the best most random ideas for get together's, like shark fishing?!
Don't mind my shininess I went sans makeup except for some mascara because... I don't really need a reason! Go without makeup sometimes, It's liberating!!!
 So I'm holding the still frozen bait being potobombed by Landon and we're both being photobombed by Jess! Oh and this is what I wore minus a ski jacket because it was FREEZING!!!
 I told you it was frozen bait!
 The typical beach picture without the typical conditions!
 Tiny ghost crab.
 Here he is again.
 Looking for his family.
 Broken wrists over here baiting a hook.
 Jess getting ready to paddle out the chum!
 On a paddle board!
 Then we started experimenting with our glow sticks and the camera settings!
 Fairies on the beach!

 The whole group minus me!
It was so cold but SOOO much fun!
And we never did catch a shark but there's always next time!

I hope everyone has had happy holidays and stayed warm!!!
This post is late in coming because as much as I love blogging and documenting the things that make me happy sometimes it's better to just be in the moment without having to go upload pictures and write a blog the day it happened!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: I don't even remember everyone, we all took turns it seems! 

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