Monday, November 11, 2013

Battle Hymn

 My Grandpa John was in the NAVY and then later joined the U.S. AIR FORCE.
 My Papa Wallace after he was in service but it was still a very handsome picture so I included it!
My Ma Allie(where I get my curly hair from), wife of Wallace and the one who cooked the soup you will see in a short while. 
 Papa in uniform when he first entered the ARMY.
 Dad's baby nightlight it's 57 years old and I had to superglue it for Ma today while I was visiting.
Yes, it still works!
 Ma making her famous vegetable and beef soup.

 Papa watching westerns while he takes a break.
 My delicious lunch made with love by ma.
It wouldn't be complete without Kool-Aid in a jar and premium saltine crackers. 
 My traveling companions on our way home from Ma's and Pa's house.
Today was Veteran's day and I was able to spend part of it with a Veteran and his wife.
I believe the spouses of Veterans should be remembered and appreciated today as well. 
For all of the hardship that is keeping up the home front while your loved ones are away and fighting.
I couldn't find a picture of my Grandma Chay to put with the others but Grandma if you're reading this I didn't forget you!
I hope we all can remember what our ancestors and fellow countrymen have done for our freedom as well as the freedom of others, not just today but everyday.
When we stand together for truth and righteousness we will not fall.
However, if we become greedy and a wicked people we are going against the peace that so much blood was lost for and isn't that a sad fact in the first place?
Live your life for yourself but live it with respect for those who came before you and the ones who will come after you.
These are just some of the things I think about.

God bless our veterans and God bless our military.

Happy Veteran's Day everyone!
Piper Arielle

Photos by: Piper(Me)   

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  1. Those are the cutest travel partners I've ever seen!