Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Down The Rabbit Hole

As you can see I just had another photo shoot with Kim of SassySisterVintage.
Seriously this is probably one of my favorite ones that we've done together!
I think it's pretty obvious that my favorite outfit today was this beautiful white dress that can easily be worn as a wedding dress!

So the story behind the awesome styling today was a great collaboration between Kim and I!
She recently moved into her new home(It's FABULOUS!) and took all of her things out of storage!
Including this amazing cow hide rug I openly covet, So I asked if we shooting anything today that would work laying down on this bad boy?
She then suggested the dress(Perfect) and I said I wish we had an old record player to have in the shot.
Well she didn't have a record player but she did have this beautiful type writer that turned out probably BETTER than the record player!
I love it because it makes me think of Alice falling down the rabbit hole/ Snow White.
(Which is what my love calls me sometimes, due to my lack of pigment! :) 

Thank you to Kim who always goes along with whatever suggestions and for improving them!
For all of the dresses and things you can find them on SassySisterVintage.
Just click on the link!

Until next time my lovelies
Piper Arielle

Photos by:Kim 

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