Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Birthday Suit... Sort of.

 Breakfast in bed.
 Wearing one of the things from that box you saw earlier.
These Earrings, I'm obsessed!

What I wore to church!
 I love the gold beading on this vintage cardigan my sister gave me!

Closeup of these stunners!!!
 The sun was so bright we hid behind this pine tree!
There's a photography tip for you!
Not that i'm a professional! ;) 

 My cake was strawberry with cream cheese icing and yes it tasted even better than it looked if that's possible!  
 We didn't really put the right amount of candles on... I got a little candle happy!
The long thin ones were sparkler candles, the more the merrier right?!
 TA-DA! I had two cakes!
This one was the same flavor as the other but with a nice layer of ice cream in the middle!!!
 We ended the night by sipping Mom's hot chocolate (topped off with home made whipped cream) around the fire with family and friends!!!
 The earrings are by Sorrelli a fabulous jewelry brand with a great reputation!
The link to their online store is Here!

I had a very happy birthday and I didn't have to beg Colton to take these outfit pictures because, "But it's my Birthday." works almost every time! ;)

In case you are confused I would like to clarify that my birthday was on Sunday and I'm just getting around to posting this!
Hence the church reference and Sunday dress!
I'm glad my birthday fell on a Sunday this year because I got to put on my "Birthday suit" and wear one of my presents!
That reminds me, I will include the other trinkets in that box on a later blog!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful birthday this year and if your's hasn't come yet be patient, it will come and go before you know it!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Colton and Piper(Me)