Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Come Rain Or Shine

Let's go for a walk together!
  I can't go outside these days without this stuff!
McKy came inside to eat his ice cream cone and this is a prime example of why I wear OFF!!!
I made sure I sprayed him down all over his body but I didn't want to spray his face!
It was so sad and cute all at the same time! 
He already had a goose egg on his head from running into a door at church! 

 My mom's cowboy hat, I love it!
 Taking a rest during more of the fence project! (We accidentally cut the phone line) 

 Then it started raining!
 I stayed under the porch until I found an umbrella.
 Then continued to take pictures in the rain!

 I love the way everything looks right after it rains.

That's the end of my walk! 
I hope you enjoyed it! 

Here are a few old pictures from a going away/birthday party at my sister's old house!

 My cute little stinkers!!! 
Then this is a picture of Chase after sandblasting. 
I think he looks like a chimney sweep/coal miner!  
I wanted to post this last night of course but we couldn't get the line fixed until early this morning!

And if you made it to the very end of all of these pictures than congratulations on your awesomeness!

Piper Arielle

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