Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back To School 3 1/2 Ways

 While watching a back to school makeup tutorial on YouTube I decided I want to do something too!!!
So I decided to style a sweatshirt a few different ways!
Why a sweatshirt?
I bought this last year on sale for $1.00!!!
It's just a regular Hanes sweatshirt from Wal-Mart that is accessible to so many people!
Another reason is because fall is here (even if it doesn't feel like it here yet) and I wanted to make sure you got as much use out of this tutorial as possible!  

I used the dress code from my old high school as a guide I hope it is compatible with other dress codes too! 

 The first look has a studious feel with a printed button up worn beneath the sweatshirt, I scrunched the sleeves so that the look wouldn't seem too uptight. 
The jeans are cropped but I still had to roll them to reach the desired length!
Simple bracelets and a pair of leopard flats finish the look!   


 The second look has a bohemian/skater/flirty vibe to it!
I know that's a lot but that's the only way I can describe it!
The same Sweatshirt is tucked into a tie dyed skater skirt (I wear bloomers from my cheer leading days underneath in case of a breeze) and plenty of accessories.
A silver statement necklace I'm sure you have seen before and a little arm party of which the mermaid Piperbydesign bracelet is one!(Shameless self promotion I know but wouldn't you?)
Last but not least a pair of boys shoes I bought at old navy and have had in constant rotation ever since!  

 This is where the 3 and a 1/2 comes in!
You can wear this look two ways!
The top pictures are the obvious choice while the bottom photos brings back memories of Disney's          boy meets world/your most embarrassing "accident".
Yes I said that and yes this trend is coming back, just like overalls and midriff peek-a-boo.
The last I will NOT be taking part in but the first two I'm so there!

This outfit screams confidence from the bright paisley print to the vintage rhinestone earrings!
 The white v-neck is Hanes and the printed pants are Levi's!
Of course I can't leave out these cute color block heels I recently got at CATO's!
The earrings I bought from a dear friend and I LOVE them!
When wearing heels to school pick a pair of comfortable wedges and wear them on block days, you walk half as much!

I hope this was helpful and everyone is enjoying back to school season!
If it wasn't helpful I wore sweats in 90 degree weather in humid Florida for nothing!
^-^ It really wasn't that bad, the worst part was the light constantly changing... and the mosquitoes.
Mostly the mosquitoes.

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Chase 

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