Tuesday, August 6, 2013


What you will need!
Two elastics close in color to your hair.
Several bobby pins also close to your hair color.
One brush.
Some kind of serum to fight frizz. (I might be the only one who needs this)

Sorry for the hairspray in the brush bristles I rarely brush my hair unless it's for a show and shows require A LOT of hair spray!!! 
Personally I don't wash my hair everyday (it's better for your hair) and so I wait until the day before I wash it to do this look.
My three reasons?
First, your hair holds better when it's dirty.
Second, it camouflages the dirty hair when it's up.
Third, this look will crimp your hair, mine gets frizzy so it needs to be washed to curl back into shape.

Now let us begin!!!   
1. Brush out your hair starting from the bottom and work your way up!
2. Work a quarter size amount of anti-humidity frizz control into all of your hair avoiding the roots.
Depending on your hair you can apply a different amount or skip this step altogether.
3. Part your hair where you want to.
4. Even though I parted my hair on the side I made sure my two sections were similar in size!
That way you don't have one thick braid and one thin braid!
5. Start your braid directly behind your ear and braid straight out from your head then secure the end with an elastic.
You braid straight out so the braid will lay flat against your head when you lay it over. 
6. Lay the braid over your head where you want want it. 
7. Secure the braid with bobby pins in several places going with the flow of the hair so you can't see the pins.
8. Repeat step 5. on the other section of hair.
9. Make sure you tuck both ends into the little pockets on the opposite sides of your head from where the braid started.
You want to hide the elastic band even though it should blend close to your hair color. 
And you are finished!!!
I realize it's a little crooked but I did every bit of it without a mirror!
Which goes to show how really simple it is to do!
If you wanted it to be perfect you could use hair spray at this point.
 Personally I'm not a huge fan of hair spray for every day use (I get an overdose for shows so I avoid it when possible) but to each their own!
Add flowers or a ribbon for a cute Boho wedding look or just because!
That's my favorite way to wear these braids!
 That is it for my Milkmaid braids tutorial!!! 
I hope you enjoyed it! 

Good Luck!

Piper Arielle

Photos by Colton

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  1. So cute! :) You keep mentioning shows... what shows do you do? Maybe I haven't read enough of the blog??? LOL By the way, I'm being too lazy to sign into Google, so I'm going to post as anonymous, but this is Dorothy! You can just Facebook me with the answer if you want. :) Hugs!