Saturday, August 10, 2013


My light testing face!
 I don't often wear lipstick... but when I do it's RED.

Do you remember when I talked about carrying my camera with me as much as possible?
Yeah, I left it at my house on one of the most needed of days!!!
Mom and I went to my sister Megan's house and I missed so many perfect opportunities because I forgot my camera!!!

McKy ran around the house completely nude for a good 10 min. 
Then after we finished at Megan's house Kaylor wanted to go with mom and I shopping, so we said he had to change, wash his face and comb his hair if he wanted to come!
Well he did all of that and came down in complete cowboy attire, as in felt cow print vest(From a Halloween costume) a perfectly smushed cowboy hat and you get it, the works!
He said he would be our bodyguard! 
I guess I should mention that he IS only 5 years old and adorable to boot!(You see what I did there?!)
All day people were saying "Howdy" and "Hey there cowboy" of course no one was making fun and I don't think he would have noticed if they were.
To Kaylor, he is a cowboy and he was just thrilled that everyone knew it!
By the end of the day he was a sleepy cowboy who couldn't wait to get back home, home on the range. (I'll stop, I promise!)

Today's outfit I kept very unfussy!
I had to bring it along with me to change AT Megan's house.
I simply wore a forever 21 mint and gray striped v-neck and a vintage, denim skirt.
The shoes are my Born oxfords.

On my face.
I'm wearing essence stay matt lip cream in 04 Silky Red.
I just got it today and I'm in love, I've been eyeing a matte red lipstick from Lime Crime for a while now but this one was $3... Need I say more?! In the end I might splurge for the other but for now this will more than make me happy!!! 

Piper Arielle

Photos by Nancy

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