Friday, August 30, 2013

Fish Tail

Can you tell I REALLY love these red shoes?!!!

Get used to seeing these bad boys because I plan on wearing them as often as I can without making everyone sick of them!
You know, like that song that you loved before they played it one too many times on the radio and then they made it into a remixed version and it didn't make it better, kind of way.
Yeah, I won't take it to that extreme! 
As for the fishtail braid (I promise that's what it is!) it was a lot more polished before I wore it for a few hours, I didn't really mind it though, messy hair is synonymous with piper.

The shirt is a men's shirt from Pac Sun, the shorts are American Eagle and the shoes are from Catos! 
Who says you have to spend a ton of money to look cute??!!
Not me!

Piper Arielle

ps- According to Lucky magazine pops of red will be quite the trend this upcoming Fall/Winter!
In the end just wear what makes you feel pretty! ^_^