Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bohemian Androgyny

 Here's a look for that bohemian babe who doesn't want their outfit to scream "I'm wearing pink because it's valentine's day!!!"
The top is actually a very soft blush of a pink.
This outfit makes me think Tom Sawyer meets Free People meets Piper(I don't iron anything)!
This would be cute for a sweet picnic or a hike with your honey!
Minus the earrings for the hiking everything else is perfect!
The earrings are vintage and used to be my moms for a long time before she gave them to me!
I remember trying them on all the time when I was little and shaking my head just to hear them jingle.

I hope this gave someone a hint of inspiration for their Valentines day get up! 
I think that I will be doing a couple of more outfits for you guys and maybe even some men's outfit ideas!
This look is actually pretty androgynous so if you are a guy and you like this look, Go for it!
Also if you saw yesterday's post you might wonder why I skipped jewelry as a good gift!
To be honest I think jewelry is a tricky one for guys to nail, although if you are 100% confident that you have your lovely lady friend's style down pat then you go Glenn Coco!
Bonus points if it's something you remember her mentioning in passing!!!

Well my friends I hope you are having a lovely day and lots of
xoxo's !
Piper Arielle

Photos by: Piper (Moi)

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  1. wonderful outfit, great photo-shoot . . .