Wednesday, February 12, 2014

For Him

Here it is, my gift guide for the guys!!!
I know it's all pretty self explanatory when you see the picture right in front of you but let me explain so this post has more substance!

The Blanket is perfect for the romantic guy you could pack a picnic for and it can also be used for a night of stargazing. (le sigh) <Catch the Pepe Le Pew reference? It IS his favorite holiday!

The GoPro HERO 3 makes a great gift for the adrenaline junky/aspiring film maker, They have a few different models out now and if your guy already has the actual camera try getting him one of the many camera mounts so he can use it in style!
  (I know I used the HERO 2 in the picture but that is the one my brothers' use! ;))

The Cologne(AQUA DI GIO) and watch(Fossil) are for the more sophisticated guys that care about appearances.

The beats and the Guitar pick shaped deck of cards is for the music lover.

The bow ties are vintage and adorable meant for the adorkable guy who digs that kind of stuff!
Adorkable is a good thing if anyone was wondering!

All of these things are just suggestions to give you some inspiration you can mix things up to suit your guy or you don't even have to choose any of these items at all!
I hope no one ever thinks that I'm saying BUY THIS because I say so!
I just want to give a visual aid, if you will, for those who are looking for suggestions! ^_^ 
Did you notice that the ladies gifts were shades of pink and now the guy's things are mostly red?!
I did plan the pink but this time the red and black thing just kind of happened!
It was too cool not to point out! 
I hope this helped ladies!

Piper Arielle

Photos By:Piper (Moi) 

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