Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mermaid Bride

 It's not everyday you get a message from random strangers saying "We need a model and we heard you might be available!"
Let me start off by saying,  I was on the fence about going for multiple reasons!

1. Stranger Danger! However, after a quick phone conversation saying and asking all of the right things, I knew it was legitimate AND we were meeting in a public place! 
2. It was an hour drive and I was already loosing daylight!
3. I was gross! I had been working outside all day and I needed a shower like yesterday!
Finally I decided "What's life without a little adventure?!"

So I showered without washing my hair, (Gasp!) and put makeup on as fast as I possibly could!
I headed towards the beach with a feeling of nervous excitement in my tummy!
When I met the girls I knew I had made the right decision!

These were my kind of people, you could tell that what they were doing wasn't just a job for them.
They truly loved every part of it!
The team was made up of two stylists and a photographer.
I found out that the photographer was shooting with film!!!
I was elated but I had never done a photo shoot with film so it was also a little bit daunting!
You carefully wait for the perfect shot and you don't see them right away on a little screen!

Jennifer(The photographer) sends them off to a little photo lab and doesn't get them back until a week or two later.
I'm so used to digital these days and all of it's instant gratification.
But I must say there is just something about film, a romantic quality that makes everything look soft like you could reach through and touch the skirt of this amazing dress.
For more of Jennifer's work visit her instagram is @jenniferpharrphotography.

 Mary Kendall and Victoria were the lovely stylists that created the gorgeous bouquet and set up the table fit for a mermaid princess's wedding!
Victoria also did the calligraphy on the place card, for more of her work check out
you can also follow her instagram @victoriaaustindesigns.

Mary Kendall was crucial in picking the perfect dress for this beach wedding shoot!
Bella Bridesmaids is a boutique in Fairhope, Alabama where Mary Kendall chose this dress among others for the Rosemary beach shoot.
You can find out more by clicking the link
With a carefully selected collection of dresses you will be sure to find the perfect dress for each and every member of your bridal party! 
Follow Mary Kendall on instagram @marykendallb!

The dress itself was by Saja.
And the gorgeous beaded headpiece was by Lacielle Roselle. 

Thank you so much to these three lovely ladies who took a chance on a girl they didn't know!

Photos by:Jennifer Pharr 
Thank you so much for letting me show all of these lovely photos to the world!!!

 Behind the scenes!!!
 Of course I had to take a few behind the scenes photos for the blog!
Can I eat here everyday??? 
 The three gorgeous ladies that made this random act of magic happen!!!
From left:Victoria, Jennifer and Mary Kendall.
 And last but not least the precious little girls that asked for a picture with the girl in the pretty dress!
If my day wasn't wonderful enough this made for the perfect ending!

Piper Arielle

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