Sunday, May 4, 2014

Late Easter.

This year's Easter dress.
Two pictures for good measure!
My niece and nephews on Easter Sunday trying to cooperate with me to get a few photos!
I could hardly get McKy to sit still, he's still a cutie, blurred and all!
Easter dinner! Unfortunately the weather was very dreary this year but that just meant more eating time instead of playing outside time!!!
Did I mention I love my state?
Just because it's pretty.
 My flower filled pathway on the way to a photo shoot location, only my top half showed so I was wearing a dress and rain boots!
That's practical... Right?

So I've been a little behind on posting, maybe you've noticed and maybe you haven't but I'm back!!!
Besides, I had a very legitimate reason this time!!!
My sister Megan had her little baby this past week!!!!!!!!
I've been helping her and I haven't even been home to upload or write anything but I have been taking pictures so I will be posting them pretty soon!
I have to catch up on pictures I took previously first though!
I know it's crazy but I try to post things in order of when they happen!
Sometimes I can wait if it's a surprise but for the most part I try to keep it chronological!

Well that's enough gabbing, until next time friends!!!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Taran(Outfit) and Piper  

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