Monday, May 26, 2014

Chasing Waterfalls

The sky over the bay on our way home from Taran's Graduation.
The tallest waterfall in the state of Florida!
We have just about everything here in Florida! ;)
Wild hydrangeas right beside the falls.
My Dad in full on hike mode, always a scout!
The forest shaped by fire.
This guy jumped out at Grant and I making us both jump!
Aunt Kay and Grant came along for our little adventure! 
Butterflies always make me smile! 
Milkweed has such unique Blossoms!
May berries that we ate right off of the little tree! 
Blackberries that aren't quite ripe.
Out of all of the birds we saw that day I think the love birds were my favorite!
How cute are my parents?!
Nature is so perfect!
This plant is one of my favorites!!! 
Not only is it pretty!
When you touch the ferns leaves...
They close!!!
We call it sensitive plant but it is known as Mimosa Pudica!
Ferns of all shapes and sizes covered the ground.
This is a Spurge Nettle... as in a ouchie waiting to happen!
But even they are Beautiful!
On our way to the swimming hole, I think everyone should have a covered bridge like this.
You were great Falling Waters State Park now off to the Florida Caverns!
Sooo... I've met someone, he is solid, a really great listener and he can't, ugh, I mean, won't run away from me! :) 
Welcome to the entrance of the caverns!
We hiked the trails instead of going on the cave tour this time but we still took a moment to cool down, the temperature difference was amazing and that wasn't even inside the caverns!
I think I could never get tired of looking at moss, especially when it encompasses such a large area.
It's enchanting to say the least.
The Mosquitoes just about flew away with me but we kept a pretty brisk pace and a bottle of mosquito repellent on us at all times so I wasn't in need of a blood transfusion afterwards.
Keep that in mind when hiking in this kind of place.
A blocked off entrance to the caverns and all of our surroundings eerily reminded me of Jurassic Park! If they ever make another one I know the perfect location!  

Last but not least, I leave you with an over exposed Karate Kid.
And the advice to explore the places around you!
It's okay to dream of far off places but what's the point if you don't even want to take advantage of the magical places close to home?
Get some exercise, drink plenty of water and save money!!! 
Entrances to state parks are way less than movie tickets these days!!!
And of course don't forget your camera and/or journal to record your memories!
I hope everyone is having a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!
Thank you to all of the countless men and woman who have served, are currently serving and who will serve to keep our country safe but more importantly FREE!!!

Piper Arielle

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  1. Love the adventures of your family....enjoying each other and making 'precious memories'!