Monday, January 28, 2013

Comfort My Way

 Outfits like this are my best friend. 

So these days I'm constantly at rehearsals and so i'm living in jogging clothes...
By jogging clothes I mean T-shirts, sports bras, nylon shorts and running shoes. 
As crazy as it sounds, I'm not very comfortable in them. 
I'm comfortable in the sense that I can dance and move in them, But I'm not comfortable in the, "I feel great in what I'm wearing!", sense.
Some people might hear me say this and say I must not be confident without cute clothes. To them I say, maybe, there is a part of me that enjoys complements, (who doesn't?) But I think the real culprit is boredom. I'm not saying I get bored of seeing people in jogging clothes, I just get bored of being in them myself!!! I wish I did, if I liked them more I might exercise more! 
So basically all that I just said is my way of introducing  the things that I consider comfortable. 
Boots-Justin's From when I took riding lessons (Great pair Here)
Brown leather bracelets-Mia Luna 
Shell bracelet-I don't remember

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