Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Neutrals and Black

I'm finally blogging this outfit from FALL!!!
It's crazy balancing Photography and Blogging and I'm afraid the blog gets the short end of the stick!
This is what I wore for My Handsome Man(MHM) and my Anniversary dinner!
I was in North Florida just the day before for photo shoots and drove all day to make it back in order to celebrate with the Hubby.
It was worth it!!! 
One year down Eternity to go!

Also a little life update, I started a Youtube channel and I'm currently doing a giveaway on my Instagram!
I'll link my latest video HERE
Feel free to check it out but remember I'm VERY new to it so it's hopefully going to get better as I go! :) 
Piper Arielle 

Hat: Amazon.com
Sweater: My Sister's
Pants: Gap Similar Here
Belt I've had for years: American Eagle
Boots I can't stop wearing: Target

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