Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happily Ever After

This is a story about a boy and a girl who fell in in love.
They married in the Orlando, Fl. LDS Temple.
It was almost 5 years to the date when they met for the first time.
 They were sealed for Time and all Eternity on October 15th 2016.
Over 6 months later that girl is finally showing some pictures from that day.

They say rain on your wedding day means good luck, I must be the luckiest girl in the world since it did rain, we were late/took wrong turns getting to the Temple and I was sunburned and sleep deprived.
My Mom, Grandma, Sister and Best Friend stayed up the night before talking about every blushing young bride's nightmare, the wedding night. (We're a close family)
And... I cried.
I ended up staying up past everyone and getting up before everyone the next morning.
Kayla curled my hair as I did my makeup by the window.
My mom made my bouquet in that hotel room as my sister did my Grandma's hair and makeup.
These are the moments I cherish.
Luckily it was all a rush so I didn't have time to lament this huge transition.
 I was looking forward to it but it still scared the heck out of me!
Once we were in the car, that all changed... I felt the way I always have before I ever perform, ride a crazy rollercoaster, climb to a really high place or right before I rip off a wax strip... All at once.
Of course having my GPS say to go one way and my Mom/Driver go in the other direction didn't help to settle me.
We finally made it to the Temple and there he was, the man of my dreams and the one I chose to spend forever with.
We walked into the Temple together holding hands, I was instantly flooded with warmth and relief.
This was going to be the first day of our forever.

*Side note: Megan surprised Mike with those socks as an inside joke because I can't stand bananas.
It was his last chance to repel me, I didn't see them until the day of and as much as I abhor those buggers it made me giggle and as I'm sure you've gathered I married him socks and all!

And I really did feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

So if you haven't already skipped this part, enjoy the pictures!
I cannot thank our good friend Paulette enough for being there and snapping all of these pictures and all of the other helpful things she blessed us with!!!
She's seriously the best!
Almost time for the big reveal.
He didn't know if he could walk to me yet so he just held his own hand, He's the cutest.
I think he'll keep me.
No we didn't have a leaf blower on hand, that was just a gust from the storm you can't really tell is happening.
Of course that lovely rain meant all of Kayla's hard work reverted back to a jungle mess, without the combined efforts of Kayla and Megan I think it would have been swiss braid weather.
I love my Husband but this is possibly my favorite picture of the day, Kaylor blinking and all! 
 He's blowing kisses!!!
My big sister trying to tame my hair since the day I was born!
Also she let me borrow her earrings since I couldn't find mine, they were in the dress bag the entire time...
It's always been two brunettes and a blonde, I'm so glad I have this picture.
Kayla came into my life at a time that I really needed her, before I even knew it, and she's been there ever since.
Without my knowledge Mike wrote a beautiful letter to my parents for our wedding day, this is right after they read it. I married a romantic and I'm not mad about it.
Dad contemplating if anyone will notice if he throws me in the car and drives off... jk, he wouldn't have let me get this far if he didn't approve.

This was my favorite place to be growing up, right in between the best people I knew.
It's a family tradition that Mom makes all of our wedding bouquets, she gathered twigs with air plants on them for a little something unexpected but sentimental, since Mike and I go air plant hunting for her.
We get it from our mamma.
In our family of mostly women, we pride ourselves on being able to have full conversations with our eyes.
Three Generations 
For the benefit of my siblings and cousins, this is Grandma telling me how much I am her favorite! ^_-
할머니 사랑 해요
Wade and Dad celebrating that it was all almost over!
And yes jaizy has on shorts under her dress, her mamma is always prepared!
This is the best and most normal group picture we took! 
My GQ model of a Husband carrying my camera bag for me, be still my heart!!!
And this is completely candid which makes it that much better! 
Remember that rain I talked about?
It went away to reveal a beautiful day, the best day in fact.
I had a special feeling the very first moment we met, I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight, that makes it sound superficial. I do however believe that my soul recognized his somehow.
Of course that does not mean I completely trusted that feeling at first and I did not tell him about this feeling until waaay later! Like engaged later!
After hanging out a couple of times he asked for my number and things progressed in the age old way  of dating. I'm including all of this because I don't want anyone (especially young girls) to think that a special feeling means to throw caution to the wind. After the first month of dating in person it became a long distance relationship, we didn't get married as soon as some people do because we wanted to make sure we really knew each other, long story short as much as I am a romantic I didn't let rose colored glasses block my practicality and my need to always feel and be safe.
And beside's my Dad I feel safest around this guy right here.
Here's a nice realistic shot to breakup all of this romantic stuff.
Mike was looking up a pizza place Kayla told us about because we were all starving.
I think I was still hungry and sleep deprived hence the blank stare.
My niece Jaizy pointed out how funny it was that we went to a nice dinner the night before and the actual day we got married we ate pizza. What can I say, it's my favorite!
Even though we have way more to go, this is the story of how we began our Happily Ever After.
Thank you for sticking around until the end.
If you would like to read our Engagement story I'll put the link here.

Piper Arielle 

Photos by: Paulette Davis 
Floral arrangement by: Nancy Williams
Location: Orlando Florida LDS Temple
Dress: Stella York
Earrings and Hair accessory: Sorrelli


  1. Congratulations and I wish you a happy ever after. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

  2. Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful, Piper, and I loved getting glimpses of your special day!

  3. May God forever bless you two. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. Felicia

  4. Congratulations!!! You are a beautiful couple and your pictures are spectacular! Love you!! Dorothy

  5. Oh my goodness, what a cute couple!! The excitement and happiness on groom’s face after seeing the bride is so adorable moment. You know we are also marrying soon at one of the party venues in Los Angeles. The wedding invitations are in the circular shape and are so creative. All thanks to my cousin who made those.