Saturday, June 27, 2015

Jurassic Gardens

Water lilies are one of my favorite flowers. 
Perhaps it's that whole analogy about something beautiful and pure growing out of muddy/corrupt  water.
It's just a reminder that good things can come from what is deemed bad and something bad can come from something recognized as good.
Isn't it funny how nature reminds us of these things, and so many other lessons we should remember?  
Or maybe I just like them because they are REALLY pretty! 
Can I get a lipstick in this shade?
The Botanical Garden in Naples, Fl. is full of all sorts of shady relaxing areas and Colton, Chase and Mike enjoyed utilizing them while I resembled a honey bee buzzing from blossom to blossom. 
It Was Hot!!!
We each had a giant bottle of Aloe juice to help with the heat and if you haven't had that before then you need to change that immediately!!!!
Aww, they may not tell you but they really enjoyed themselves in the gardens despite Colton's initial grumblings!
Of course I had to get a few pictures with my handsome man! 
This was the first time I'd worn lipstick around him so I had to make sure it was a stain that wouldn't scare him away from kissing me! ;)
(It was a lipstick I made into a stain, I may do a blog about how to do that but it's so easy it might be common knowledge! Let me know if you anyone wants to see that!) :D
So this hanging air plant garden was such a cool idea I may be doing it for my future home! 
Colton looks like he's smelling them but he's just checking out how to recreate it! :P 
This may seem out of place for the beautiful Botanical Garden pictures but yes indeed there was a Dinosaur exhibit going on until July 5 and it was awesome! 
The Dinos were life-sized, moved and this guy made you feel uncomfortable even with the knowledge of it being 100% fake.
I may or may not have stepped over a short little fence to get this shot and closer to the action!
(I'm a rebel)  
We only had one casualty which is pretty good statistically speaking compared to Jurassic World (Which we watched the night before this exhibit making it that much better)! 
We made friends with the locals.
 Met real life reptiles.
Not to mention some pretty menacing trees! 
We agreed that it would be a very hard decision to pick between climbing this tree or just be eaten by a velociraptor... This was a very real and very funny conversation but maybe you had to be there! 
Attempted an OOTD picture and later realized my shoes were being blocked by nature! 
All three of the guys and my handsome man being a gentleman by carrying my camera bag! ^_^
Not a great picture quality wise but perfect quality time wise... You see what I did there?
Another one of this cutie and I because we rarely take pictures this good together!!!
Haha he doesn't like taking pictures in general so this is a rare gem!
 In order to keep this post from being one giant scrapbook from our trip(it already is) I will not post every single orchid from the Orchid garden but just know that it is GORGEOUS!!!
Needless to say but I will anyways, Visit this magical place if you are ever in the Naples area and take people with you who will really appreciate it! 
Like I mentioned before, Colton wasn't really onboard for this little excursion but ended up being very impressed and I'd like to think it was a highlight for him! 
Chase, Mike and I had been one time before for a christmas light event at night so even without seeing all of the plants we knew it was going to be amazing and looked forward to seeing it again in the daylight!
This place is family friendly with a bit of walking so water is a must on hot summer days! 
I have so many more pictures but I will leave you with these and maybe one day I'll post more just of the amazing vegetation!!! 

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Me minus the ones I'm in those were taken by Colton and Mike, Chase just stood there and looked cool. ;)


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