Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tiny Adventure

 Our tiny adventure in Naples with my handsome man.
 While walking along the path Colton yelled "holy huge!" expecting a large snake I may have screamed and jumped a little bit.
I was not expecting this huge grasshopper to be the cause of his exclamation! 
 While walking along the trail we noticed a small white board pointing in a general direction and stating that a Brown Barred Owl was sitting in a tree.
We laughed and said, "Yeah, like that owl is still there!"
Then I looked up while the guys were still cracking jokes when I said "Oh my goodness! He really is!!!"
The joke was on us!
Apparently these guys are active in the daytime and nighttime  and when they find a fishing spot they like to chill there for awhile! 
 No matter how old I get I think of Fern Gully when I see these guys!
 Needless to say this animal preserve was pretty spectacular!
And I plan on going back in the cooler months when it is supposed to be more populated with animals!
 A different owl on a different tree within ten feet of us!
 A mushroom because I thought it looked like a cute Lion.
 We saw two or three types of woodpeckers that day.
 Always prepared, I had my backpack on as well with our contraband snacks inside!
We weren't supposed to eat on the trail...
I'm not saying we ate anything and I'm not saying we didn't either!
 Obviously I have achieved stalker status with the picture taking.
 But then he caught me and blocked my shot!
Of course Colton didn't mind photobombing in the back!  
 If you can't stop someone from doing something they aren't supposed to, you might as well take pictures of it right?
Colton was probably 15ft up a tree climbing on the vines like Tarzan.
Of course I had my 75-300 mm lens on to shoot the animals so he doesn't look that far away at all!
 Apparently this bird is very rare and the volunteer we ran into on the trail who is a seasoned bird watcher said that this bird eluded him for many years, so of course I had to take a picture of it!
And I forgot the name! 
 Almost at the end of our trail we ran into this big guy who didn't even bat an eyelash at us!
 He was at least 12ft and very content.
 Colton being our marker to show just how huge this tree was he couldn't get close enough to be very accurate but I think you get the picture!
This tree was here before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue!
 And Finally my handsome man and I at the restaurant that his dad has been taking him to every year on his birthday since he was 11!
Thank you to Mike for being such a great host and embracing all of my weirdness!!!
And to all of you who sat and looked at every single one of my pictures thank you!!!!
I've been a little bit busy lately so the posts have dwindled a little bit but I'm still here and it's already Fall!!!
The best time of the year!!!!

Piper Arielle

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