Tuesday, September 9, 2014


While I don't live anywhere near London town I am still inspired by the staple outerwear of choice.
The trench coat!
This is how I styled it and the pictures below are some of my other inspirations!!!
Oh how I adore these actors!!!
Three of my favorite classic movies!
 Breakfast at Tiffany's
Singing in the Rain
Audrey, Gene and Humphrey have all influenced my sense of fashion as well as my old soul.
While I often think I was born in the wrong era I also think I was born at just the right time to appreciate all of the moments of the past and present.
Now do me a favor and go listen to As Time Goes By, if you haven't heard it you simply must and if you have it's worth listening to again!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Chase
except for the old photos that are clips from Movies or promotional pictures!

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