Friday, August 8, 2014

Little Fawn

Meet my newest Nephew!!!
So I took these when he was about a week old and he was born April 29th... I'm a little behind! ;)
So here is a little flash back Friday for you and it's a pretty stinkin' cute one if you ask me!!!
Blue steeling right out of the womb. 
Kissing mommy already!!!
Snug as a bug in a rug.
I love his face here, life is just so hard already!
He wants to be held at all times, which works out when I'm around because I never want to put him 
Yes that is a cardigan of mine that I wrapped him in, the color was my favorite.
Of course I mention it at the bottom of a black and white picture...
We had to do one for his daddy on his cowboy boots with his poppy's hat.
A cowboy in the making.
There is a hint of his aunt Mia right there and it makes us happy.

Just like there had to be one for his daddy I had to do one for his mommy and I!
I think he is the cutest little forest creature I ever did see!!! 

A few days later I brought my camera with me and couldn't resist taking just a few more.
"Aunt Piper, Why you wake me up? Is too bright in my eyes!"
This is what I am imagining him to say, either that or he's flirting with me! ;)
10 perfect toes.
His brother insisted on photobombing because "I want to give my wittle baby bruder a tiss."
And so he did.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my sisters new baby (Who looks just like HER for the record!)
We've decided we like him so much we are going to keep him and his name is Ashton.

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