Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Little House of Yellow

An oriental blue mat greats you at the front door of my good friends' farm house.
Anna Beth and Troy are still newly weds and they have the cutest personal style and relationship I've seen!
This is going to be a style blog but a home version!
Their guest bedroom has the cutest vintage details just like the rest of the house!
They salvaged the bed frame and Troy refurbished it himself giving this old frame new life!
It isn't the south without homegrown tomatoes!
Every nook and cranny has a special little touch thanks to Anna Beth.
Did I mention she is also a very talented photographer? 
She has the cutest pictures of her and her hubby all over the house.
Everywhere you look there is a little reminder of their love for one another!
And of course here is their baby boy Finley, his photo bombing reminded me of diesel. 

Gorgeous vintage doorknobs replaced her original closet pull.

Aren't they the cutest?!
A vintage license plate of every state they have ever been to together.
I must say their bathroom is my favorite!
The color of the walls plus the original claw foot tub and that fabulous mirror just make me so happy!!!
I think I could have had an entire photo shoot in that room!
Dried flowers in a mason jar? 
My weakness. and I love the mix of colors that give it texture and depth.
True sweet southern style with a hint of vintage eclectic makes for the perfect decor for their newlywed home.
Hand painted cabinet doors repurposed as wall art. 

The old map is a favorite piece for me and it is perfect for them as they are both teachers!
Some people have shadow boxes to keep their memories in but Anna Beth has made sure that memories are a part of their everyday life.
You instantly feel like you are a part of their world when you step through the front door!
How much cooler can this couple get?
Oh yeah, they have a record player in their kitchen!!!
And only the best albums to listen to! 
Southern homes are notorious for their front porches and no true front porch is complete without a rocking chair or two.

The cutest home I ever did see!!!
They repainted the entire outside from a dark not quite mustard yellow to this pretty sunny yellow!
A house is just a house until you make it a home.

I leave you with these beautiful freshly cut daisies from the front porch of the cutest couple that live in the cutest yellow house!!!
I hope you enjoyed the visit with me!!!

I know I haven't blogged since the beginning of the month but I'm trying to adjust to this thing called life!
I'm not complaining of course, just trying to find my rhythm!
Good luck to all of you who are going through the same thing as me!!!
Don't forget to take time for yourself and also don't forget, the time is now, I'll get around to it isn't going to make things happen.
I'm saying these things for my own benefit! ;) 

Piper Arielle

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