Wednesday, June 18, 2014

National Geographic

 The Honey moon shining in all of its glory on my little part of the world. 
 The start of another adventure, taking a boat tour around the Wakulla Springs river was just as fascinating as I remembered it! 
 Wakulla Springs is home to all kinds of plant and animal wildlife, you can visit the area 365 days a year.
 It is also the largest fresh water spring in the world... Not just the U.S., The WORLD!!!
 And such a lovely place in the world it is!
 I was a little obsessed with the male wood ducks who only come out this time of the year.
 The boat tours happen multiple times a day and as a result the animals barley look twice as you pass by.
 Alligators and their mysterious smiles give the Mona Lisa a run for her money.

 I see you...
 So handsome!!!!

 The manatee come and go from the area but we were lucky enough to see the gentle giants during  this trip.
 Two adults and one calf made the entire boat lean farther than it should have as everyone aboard raced to one side!

Later after the boat tour we cooled off in the swimming area and to our delighted surprise the Manatee decided to investigate all of the swimming pedestrians!
Wade was within 3 ft. of the calf but due to the laws prohibiting physical contact everyone kept a very wide and respectful distance.
It helped having several park workers with whistles cutting eyes at anyone who so much as breathed too roughly in the animals direction.
I have so many pictures from this little adventure and I definitely felt like I was on the National Geographic payroll (if only).
I've broken the trip into two posts and I will post the second one very soon!!! 
I hope you enjoyed accompanying my family and I!!!

Take the opportunity to go with your family or by yourself on your own little adventure!

Piper Arielle

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