Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream Beneath My Moon.

      My friends and I have put together a little fall Lookbook for some of my PiperbyDesign Mia Luna collection. The name Mia Luna is for my dear sister Mia and in Italian Mia Luna is My Moon. That is what she is for me now, My Moon. I'm trying to slowly transition PiperbyDesign into Mia Luna I apologize for any confusion this may cause! 

     Thank you to Brenna Kneiss for modeling some of the fall collection!The biggest thank you must go out to Jess Schell for Filming and editing such a beautiful piece of art! Although this is called the fall collection there will be plenty to come very soon!!! I will be sure to announce when there is more to show! So keep a look out!!! Thank you my friends! 

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