Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo Ready

Photographer: Paige Elyse
Most of these clothes were rescued from a thrift store. Including the wonderful Military Hat!!! Most small town thrift stores donate a percentage of proceeds to families in need. So spend wisely in more ways than one!!! ;)   
The perfect day for a photo shoot. I have to give a BIG THANK YOU to my Dear cousin Paige Elyse!!! Another thank you is due to my mini kitty model chriselle (he thinks he's a siberian tiger). I'm caught between summer and Autumn and so are my outfit choices here are a few of the looks I'll be channeling this season. I hope you enjoy the photos!   Thank you friends!
<3 Piper


  1. Thank you!!! :) They came from a vintage shop on Etsy! sassy sister vintage is the name and she has GREAT things!!!!

  2. PiPer you are too pretty. These pictures are great you should really consider modeling as a profession!

  3. Piper, u are adorable! i'm glad i found ur blog this early morning while the world is still asleep! U, ur mom, ur sisters are all great women.... and man do u have a good eye.... each morning when i look in my closet i try and think to myself... "wwmpnd" "WHAT WOULD MEGAN PIPER NANCY DO???" :0 )

  4. beautiful model and nice set of photos!


  5. Hey Lovely girl i love your pics !!!!! :) i m a french girl and i Have a blog too if you Want see it :) its jusquacequemodesensuive@blogspot.com bisous Jess